ArtsBank, Inc.

About Our Teaching Artists

Frequently Asked Questions

1. "How is ArtsBank affiliated with the schools?"
ArtsBank, Inc. is a community-based non-profit corporation.  We have a standing Memorandum of Agreement with the Randolph County Board of Education.  We must abide by the policies and procedures of the WV State Board of Education and of the local Board. The ArtsBank Program Director reports directly to the Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and has a seat on the County Curriculum Committee.

2. “Are ArtsBank artists required to have a teaching certificate?”
We require a Baccalaureate degree, preferably in art, but certification is not necessary.  We base our selection of teaching artists on their artistic skills and a demonstrated ability to teach.

3. "How does ArtsBank determine what teacher goes to which school?"
Each teaching artist submits a proposal for the year with sample concepts and ideas.  ArtsBank Board Members coordinate with school principals to assess the schools needs.  Many times the principals will select the program they prefer to have in their school or the ArtsBank Board Members along with the Program Director will make the teaching artist assignments.

4. “What grade levels does ArtsBank teach?”
ArtsBank serves all the public elementary schools in Randolph County that do not have elementary art teachers.  Sometimes the teaching artists will request to work with a particular age group, in which case they will visit several schools, instructing that age group throughout the year.

When ArtsBank has adequate funding and availability of instructors, the Program Director will assign residencies in all the schools, placing two teaching artists at a school in a team teaching format to create an intensive and fluid ArtsBank experience.

5. "Why do we need ArtsBank?"
A comprehensive arts education draws on the expertise of credentialed teaching artists as well as County Schools’ regular faculty, upon the experiences of professional artists, and community cultural centers and arts organizations.  By utilizing all of these resources, students have the opportunity to achieve the full educational potential of the arts. Arts education experiences enable all students to demonstrate their ability to think creatively, critically and analytically through the process of hands-on art activities.

6. “Do I get employee benefits as an ArtsBank Teaching Artist?”
No.  As a part-time employee, you are not entitled to benefits.

7. “Does an ArtsBank Residency go through the whole school year?”
Some do. Those schools (EHS, TVHS, EMS, Harman) that have full time art instructors, and those that are serviced by the county itinerant, receive shorter residencies. The residency is tailored to the school in conversations between the teaching artist assigned to the school and the principal.

8. “When is the Student Art Exhibit?”
The student art exhibit is held in May.  The Randolph County Community Arts Center  hosts the exhibit in the Great Hall and is a collaborative exhibition between the school teachers, ArtsBank teaching artists and the RCCAC employees and volunteers.

9. “When is the next Teachers Workshop?”
We have a summer seminar for our teaching artists every year.  The date at this point is TBA. If you are interested in attending, contact Scottie Wiest or leave a message at 304-636-3625.

10. What is the ArtsBank Auction, how does someone donate, when are you collecting donations?
The ArtsBank Auction is an annual fundraiser for ArtsBank so that we can pay teachers and purchase supplies. It is held one evening, the last Saturday in February, at the Beverly Fire Hall in Beverly, WV. Members of our community donate items for a silent auction. The evening includes music, cash bar and refreshments. Read more about donating and buying tickets to this year’s auction.

“Creativity comes from a conflict of ideas”
(Donatella Versace)