ArtsBank, Inc.

Levels of Impact

Here are a few examples of how your donation can impact the arts in our schools:

$200 – One Teaching Artist in one school for one day
Artists are paid for instruction time with students – many schools require two days of instruction to reach every student in every classroom.

$150 – Art supplies for one school for one semester
Art supplies often include meeting basic classroom needs such as pencils, drawing paper, crayons, markers, and colored pencils as well as project-specific supplies.  Larger schools often surpass this budget for one semester.

$100 – Art supplies for one classroom for one year
Many classrooms simply can not be stocked with basic drawing supplies due to budget restraints.  Our program allows students to not only have basic classroom supplies during an artist’s residency, but also supplies students with specific art supplies they may use throughout the year to enhance their classroom experience beyond our limited program.

$50 – Art supplies for one school for one month
Our residency programs provide specific art supplies such as brushes, pastels, music, drawing, painting, printmaking, collage papers and inks, books, magazines, posters, and many more project-specific supplies.

$25 – Supplemental instruction supplies for one Teaching Artist
Our artists are not required to have a teaching degree, but are often experienced and ready for the challenges of a classroom.  In order to keep our artists up to date and prepared with new and unique ideas it is important to provide them with art books, magazines, instructional support online, music, and equipment that can be shared between classrooms such as: dvd/cd players, recording equipment, cameras, etc.

$15 – Art supplies for one child for the year
The need for each student for the year varies from classroom to classroom and school to school.  The basic budget for one student is $15, but ArtsBank often surpasses this in leftover supplies that stay in the classroom for students to share and use with their classroom teacher after a residency program.

Contact Us

If someone on your acquisitions list or someone you know would be interested in sponsoring our program beyond their regular Auction Item Donation this year, please contact us or refer them to one of our board members—Scottie Wiest, Pat Schoonover, Rachel Montgomery —as soon as possible to further discuss their donation.

"Creativity is allowing yourself to make mistakes. Art is knowing which ones to keep."
(Scott Adams)