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Teaching Artist Guidelines

ArtsBank occasionally provides teaching artist workshops. An example would be the workshop from 2013 which was presented at the Randolph County Board of Education Office on Thursday, July 25, 2013, by Virginia Hicks. The training session covered:

  • Managing time wisely
  • Lesson planning/formats
  • Teaching across the curriculum
  • Integrating Visual Art CSOs and WV Next Generation/Common Core Standards
  • School-wide behavior management programs, classroom management techniques
  • Managing supplies while traveling
  • Teaching in someone else’s room
  • Sample art lessons.

Download the session notes.

Teachers should follow guidelines for how to prepare and teach in schools. Download a copy of these guidelines (What we do in school.doc).

In addition, teachers must follow the WV Arts Content Standards & Objectives. These are outlined below.

WV Arts Content Standards and Objectives



Working with exemplary West Virginia arts teachers, the West Virginia Department of Education has prepared a guidance document intended to help schools and districts provide rich arts experiences for students. These documents go beyond the minimum requirements and describe arts programs that are best suited to serve student needs. 

View the document at “Building a Comprehensive Arts Program.”



West Virginia Department of Education provides Teach 21 Instructional Guides. These guides are designed to help students learn in the 21st Century classroom. The guides provide standards and objectives for quality teaching and assessment methods for the knowledge and skills the students need to acquire:

Guidelines for Conflicts:

Teaching artists must follow these guidelines for dealing with any conflicts that may arise at your assigned schools:

  • Always speak first with the person directly involved.
  • Next, speak with the school principal.
  • If you and the principal cannot resolve the issue, contact the Program Director, or anyone on the ArtsBank board of directors and we will act as liaison.
  • If the first 3 steps fail to resolve issues, you can make an appointment to speak with the Randolph County Superintendent of Schools.


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